A framework for genomic sequence analysis

The Cartwheel project at Caltech is a framework and a set of tools for doing genomic sequence analysis, with an emphasis on comparative sequence analysis of non-coding regions in animal DNA.

Biologists interested in trying out the public Cartwheel Web server should start with the FamilyRelations tutorial.

Bioinformaticians interested in using or extending components from Cartwheel should visit the developers area.

A list of publications and related projects is available on the FamilyJewels Web site.


Cartwheel and FamilyRelations were developed by members of the Davidson Lab and Wold Lab.

Titus Brown is primarily responsible for the design and development of Cartwheel, FamilyRelations, and FamilyRelations II, under the supervision of Dr. Eric Davidson. Tristan De Buysscher developed SeqComp, the primary analysis tool used by these programs, under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Wold.

Madeleine Price, Ramon Cendejas, Meredith Howard, Yuan Xie, Kevin Berney, and Ian Lipsky have all contributed code to FamilyRelations or Cartwheel.

Both Andy Cameron and Erich Schwarz worked with Cartwheel and FR to find bugs, and suggested many feature enhancements.

The Web server and analysis servers are supported by the Center for Computational Regulatory Genomics.

Last updated May 2004